Enable MAC Filtering in WiFi

If you want to make your WiFi unhackable then simply turn on MAC filtering of your outer.

After turning on MAC filtering only those devices can connect to your WiFi, whom only you add, hence your WiFi will be unhackable.

To turn on MAC filtering prepare on below points.

  1. Firstly note down MAC address of you device on which you are configuring your WiFi.
  2. Note down all devices’ MAC address which you have to connect. (MAC address can be found in Setting-About Phone-Status-WiFi MAC in android phone, In Windows PC you can know MAC by entering getmac in command prompt).
  3. Router User ID and Password.

Lets Start

  1. Enter admin panel by entering or your default IP address of your WiFi. or this link will help you to find default IP address, User ID and password of your router—A List of Common Default Router IP Addresses

2. After entering admin panel head to MAC Filtering under Wireless option

3. Now click Add new Button and enter MAC addresses one by one which you had noted down

4. After adding MACs click back

5. Click allow and then click enable button.

And finally you are good to go….
Only listed device (in your MAC chart of your WiFi) will be able to connect to your WiFi.

If you have to add another device, get MAC address of that device and repeat only step 3.

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