5 things you need to know about the new Nokia 3310

The rumors were true – the iconic Nokia 3310 is back and it even has Snake. A refreshed version of the 3310, known for its simple design and a near indestructible shell, was unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Sunday.

The existence of the simple feature phone had been leaked earlier this month. The new 3310 has been brought to the market by HMD Global Oy, a Finnish company which bought the rights to the Nokia brand last year.

Here are five key features of the Nokia 3310:

1. It’s priced at a €49 (around Rs 3450)


The refreshed 3310 retains an important core appeal of the original, its affordable price. The new phone will be available in Europe for 49 euros and while prices for other regions have not been announced it is expected to be in a similar bracket.

2. It has a colour display


When it comes to display technology the new phone offers a massive leap over the classic 3310; the screen has colour. A colour screen was expected as monochromatic displays have become all but obsolete. The new phone comes with a 2.4 inch with a pixel density of 120 ppi. What does that mean? The 3310 will not turn any heads with the display but it will be more than adequate.

HMD has said the polarized and curved screen window makes for better readability in sunlight.

3. No selfies, but there is a rear camera


The new device unlike it’s predecessor comes with a 2 megapixel rear camera and a LED flash. HMD says the camera can be used for “simple snaps” so don’t expect high resolution masterpieces. Tragically for social media enthusiasts there is no front camera for selfies on the new phone.

4. Snake is back


Remember Snake, that simple four button game that used to be an addictive time sink, well it is back. The new version will keep its simple 2D gameplay but will have a multicoloured art style instead of a monochrome look of old.

5. The battery lasts for days


For all the great things that modern smartphones do, they have terrible battery lives. On this front, the new 3310 harkens back to the good old days. “Remember when you could leave the house without a charger?” says the product’s official site. The phone comes with a humongous battery life that can last almost month on standby and offers 22 hours of talk time.

Data provided by Hindustan Times

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