Reset Windows 7 Password without CD or Software

You can reset windows 7 password without CD or third party software. Some time users forget their Windows login Password, then how can you login on your PC. If you don’t have any Password reset disk of windows. This tutorial article will help you to remove windows 7 password, after that you can reset using command prompt. You can also Create Password reset disk to reset password in Future in case of forget.

  1. First of all On Power button of your Windows 7 PC, Now when Starting Windows will display on screen, Press Power button until shutdown PC. then again press power button to start PC. Now It will show message that “Windows failed to start”. Now select Launch Startup Repair (recommended) and press Enter.


2. Now Startup repair Wizard searching your PC Problem. let it Complete. After complete It will ask that “Do you want to restore your computer using System Restore?” now Click on Cancel button. Now again you have to wait until process complete.


3. Now on the Startup Repair wizard, click Down aero button View problem details.


4. Now scroll down, Click on Local privacy statement link which highlighted on below Image.


5. Now a notepad file will open, then Click on File Menu and then Click on Open…


6. Now open below folder.

Local Disk (C:) => Windows => System32

Now select All files on files on type drop-down.

Now scroll -down and find sethc file then rename sethc file it with any… ex- sethc1


7. Now again Find CMD application in this folder, then right-click and Copy and then paste in this same folder.


8. Now you will have to rename cmd-copy with sethc. Rename it. After successfully renamed, Click on Cancel button.


9. Now on the Startup repair Wizard, Click on Finish.

How to Reset Password

10. Now reboot your PC, then on the Log On screen. Then press “SHIFT” key five times. Then you will see that command prompt open automatically.


11. Now type the net user command to show the user list of your PC.


12. Now type below command to reset Windows 7 Password.

net user administrator *

Note- In my case user name is Administrator, you can replace administrator with your user name.

Then Press Enter.

Now put new password then enter then again confirm.


Now you can login with your new password. Now with the help of this article you have learned that how to reset password in Windows 7 without third party tools.


4 thoughts on “Reset Windows 7 Password without CD or Software

  1. Great tip! We can also use third party live cds ( for example, pcunlocker or offline nt password & registry editor) to reset a lost windows password.


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