Best phones to buy in October: This Diwali, Pixel & iPhone 7 are absolute best buys

Best phone for Rs 5,000

If your budget for the new phone is around Rs 5,000, you are in a bit of tough luck. After a phenomenal last year when a number of good phones were available at a price point of Rs 5,000, this year the prices have inched upwards. But there are some older phones that continue to be great value for money at their current prices of around Rs 5,000. Of these our choice is the Yu Yuphoria. This is a phone with good screen, decent camera, nice-enough design and clean software. It has 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage, which too is nice at this price point. The Yu Yuphoria was launched at a price of more than Rs 7,000 but now it sells for a price of around Rs 5,500.


The Yuphoria is a fantastic phone for the price. It delivers great performance, clean and customisable software and has a beautiful design.

Best phone for Rs 10,000

Here, our choice of the phone is the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3. With powerful hardware inside it, this phone is an all rounder. As for why, here is what we said in our review:

Simply put; you can’t go wrong with the Redmi Note 3. It is blazing fast in almost a boring way and its battery life is superlative. While doing so, it doesn’t have a glaring weakness in any other area. There’s a word for such a performer – an ‘all-rounder’ it is. Or yes, it is the Rahul Dravid of smartphones.

Now, even if the Redmi Note 3 is good, finding one in stock may not be easy. So, in this case opt for the Redmi 3S Prime , which has a smaller screen but overall is as good as the Redmi Note 3.


Best phone for Rs 15,000

This has to be the Moto G4 Plus. With stock Android — now Nougat aka Android 7 — after the latest update, decent hardware and a great camera for its price, this is the best phone you can buy for Rs 15,000. However, I do have one suggestion: get the G4 Plus with 32GB internal storage. It’s worth the premium. As for our review here is what we said about the G4 Plus.

“… all said and done, the Moto G4 Plus, at its price point, marks the perfect blend of hardware and software and that makes it a fairly cool option for buyers, the flat design notwithstanding.”


Best Rs 20,000 phone

When Xiaomi Mi 5 launched earlier in summer it was little overpriced at a price of Rs 24,999. But since then it has got some price cuts and nowadays it is often on sale at a price of Rs 19,999. This is a fantastic price for a phone that is for all intents and purposes a premium high-end phone.


The Xiaomi Mi 5 is a flagship phone sold at a more mainstream price. It’s beautiful, has an exceptionally good screen and has powerful hardware inside it. Ticks quite a many boxes, doesn’t it? Yes, it’s not perfect. Its software kind of kills some of the fun, especially if you are fond of stock Android, and its camera falls short compared to other flagship phones. But then look at that price.

Best Rs 25,000 phone

If you ask me which is the best phone for Rs 25,000 I will suggest that you spend a little bit more and get the OnePlus 3 for a price of Rs 27,999. It is worth every penny. This is a fantastic phone, and as good as the likes of Galaxy S7 and HTC 10 for all practical purposes. In fact, in some cases it’s even better.


The OnePlus 3 6GB RAM and 64GB memory variant has been priced at Rs 27,999 in India… (and) there’s nothing visibly wrong with the phone, unless you go out looking for something under a microscope. Even then, you’ll find just nit-picks. The OnePlus 3 is one of those rare case studies where it’s hard to find a catch, simply because there isn’t any.

Also consider: Although at this price point there is another phone that is worth your attention and money: the LG Nexus 5X. This is a fantastic phone, which may not seem to have a specification sheet as good as that of the OnePlus 3, but then specs don’t matter much. The Nexus 5X is fast, runs the latest Android Nougat and has a killer camera.

Best Rs 30,000 phone


Best Rs 35,000 phone

At this price point nothing makes as much sense as the Huawei Nexus 6P. However, the prices of the Nexus 6P swing wildly. But it only if you can get for a price close to Rs 35,000. But if the price is around Rs 40,000, it may not make much sense. In that case, your best option would be OnePlus 3. It will also save you money.


Best Rs 40,000 phone

At this price point, we suggest the HTC 10, which now sells for around Rs 40,000. Earlier, it was a phone with a price tag of above 50,000. That was somewhat overpriced. But at a price of Rs 40,000, this is a fantastic phone.


The HTC 10 is easily the best phone that HTC has built… it has all the bells and whistles of a top-tier flagship, and it’s safe to say that it delivers on almost every front as well. It has top-notch build quality, a sharp display with good viewing angles, a fantastic front-facing camera with OIS, flagship-class performance and decent battery life. The star of the show however has to be the phone’s bloat-free Sense UI and its Hi-Res Audio prowess. No other phone comes even close to the HTC 10 in this regard.

Also consider: At this price point there are a couple of other phones that you can consider. One of them is Galaxy S7, which is a gorgeous and fast device. It also has superb cameras and a brilliant screen. Then there is the iPhone 6S, which is what you should get if you want an iPhone and don’t want to splurge on the iPhone 7. In terms of perceivable speed and features, even the camera, the iPhone 6S is almost as good as the iPhone 7.

Best Android phone

This has to be the Google Pixel XL. I would have said Pixel, but that phone has a 5-inch screen and yet is almost as big as the Pixel XL. Although pricey at Rs 67,000, Google’s clean Android software, a good screen, decent enough design and a brilliant camera means that the Pixel XL is worth its price. The phone is powered by the latest hardware — Qualcomm Snapdragon 821, 4GB RAM etc — and while it lacks some features such as stereo speakers and waterproof body, the smart software inside the phone is worth making a few compromises. If Rs 67,000 is too pricey, go for the Pixel that costs Rs 57,000 but that has a smaller 5-inch screen.


Best smartphone in India

If money is not a concern and if you want an absolutely best smartphone then that will be the iPhone 6S Plus. Everything about this phone is top notch and although in the software department it is not as good as the Pixel — the Android 7 is better than the iOS 10 — Apple’s top class hardware and superb aftersales support, especially with software updates, makes it worth spending the money on the iPhone 7 Plus. The phone also has a superb zoom lens, stereo speakers and waterproof which makes the iPhone 7 Plus a total all-rounder. Although at Rs 72,000 it is expensive. But at the same time, you can also consider the iPhone 7, which costs Rs 12,000 less than the iPhone 7 Plus.


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