Hack WiFi easily (working Method)

Hello friends, this is the Diwali Gift for all my regular blog readers.

Want to hack WiFi…? Here is…

Oh yes….Today I found a trick by which you can hack WiFi easily. It is working, and this post is posted through hacked network.

There are so many tricks by which we can hack any network. But this can do only a Pro hacker. I am not a hacker, I am a just a beginner blogger, I keep looking on the internet for new tricks and tips, and I just put these in front of you through this website

As I told you all that I am not a hacker but today got a trick which can hack any WiFi, but there are some condition to get hacked a WiFi.

  • WiFi can not be hacked if there is Mac Filtering.
  • WiFi can not be hacked if WPS is disabled.
  • WiFi can not be hacked if Pin is disabled.
  • WiFi can not be hacked if WiFi signal strength is too weak.
  • And the most important-WiFi can not be hacked if you don’t have patience.

So friends….. Lets Start…….!


  1. A PC installed with any windows having wireless feature.
  2. PC’s WiFi should not have it’s manual IP. If available mark it as auto obtained.
  3. Working internet connection in your phone or in same PC or in another PC. (You will have to disconnect during the trick)
  4. An application software to get MAC address of that particular WiFi router. To download click here. This is link for Dumper Version 80.9. You can use any alternative application to detect MAC address of WiFi router.

All set..Now follow below steps..:-

  1. Disable your antivirus because, antivirus detects it as a virus, but don’t worry it is not a virus.
  2. Extract downloaded .rar file to a folder.
  3. Now run Dumpper as administrator.
  4. Click ‘WPS’ tab.


5. Here you will get a list of WPS enabled WiFi. Click Scan and click on any listed networks. (choose strongest one, who has more %age)


6. click “WPS Pin” below scan. Your PC will connect to that WiFi.


You are all set… If you will connect to WiFi these indication you will see…



If you get failure message go back to step 5 and follow these steps

6. Note down mac address of that wifi from the list.


7. And open this website https://tools.securation.com/wdpg/ in your phone

8.png <—You will get a page like this.

8. Enter the noted MAC address and click “Generate Pin”.

9. Note down generated Pin.

10. Close all application

11. And do normal process to connect to that WiFi and enter over there generated Pin. and you are connected

Yey… You are now a hacker… Chhota hacker..

Read Also- A List of Common Default Router IP Addresses

Comment below if you got any problem during connecting, or failure.

Wish you all a very very Happy Diwali.




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