Amancio Ortega overtakes Bill Gates to become the richest person in the world

Amancio Ortega Gaona is a Spanish business magnate. He is the founder and chairman of the Inditex fashion group, best known for its chain of Zara clothing and accessories retail shops.

Info source – Wikipedia

Amancio Ortega Gaona
Born: March 28, 1936 (age 80)
Net worth: 77.5 billion USD (2016) Forbes
Spouse: Flora Pérez (m. 2001), Rosalía Mera (m. 1966–1986)

Self-made billionaire eats in the staff canteen and usually wears the same blazer and shift, which are not from his own clothes shop, Zara Amancio Ortega is now the richest man in the world, according to Forbes


Bill Gates is no longer the richest person in the world, at least for now.

The Microsoft founder has been outstripped by Amancio Ortega, the famously frugal Spanish founder of clothing chain Zara, according to the Forbes real-time billionaires list.

Mr Ortega’s net worth was said to have increased to $78 billion, overtaking Mr Gates’ estimated net worth of $77.4bn.

The self-made billionaire, 80, was born the son of a railway worker in La Coruña and left school at 13 to work in a clothing shop.

He founded Zara from his living room with his ex-wife Rosalia Mera before launching the Inditex fashion group, of which he is chairman.


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