View Hidden Password In Browser

This is an amazing trick to see saved password on your browser, it will help you to know your password…

Lets start:-

Step 1. Open login page where you saved your login user name and password. i.e –

Step 2. Here you will see facebook login page and you can see your “user name” in user name block and “your password” as “*********” in password block, right click on “********” and click “inspect element.

Step 3. LocateĀ <input type=”password” class=”inputtext _55r1 inputtext inputtext” name=”pass” id=”pass” tabindex=”1″ autofocus=”1″>

Step 4. Locate “password” and replace with “text”, all set, now your password will appear in text in password box.

Tutorial gif image is below.


If this trick was helpful. Please comment below.

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